Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 - HERE WE ARE !!!

I'm lovin' it!

2010 seems so surreal, so distant, so futuristic, yet I am so happy we are here. Though I must admit it will soon mean another year (and another decade) older, this old body is looking forward to all the good things that we cherish in the tradition of the New Year - renew, refresh, and my favorite this year, restart.

I just finished packing up and coming home from my first show of the year. (That's what made me think of mentioning aging - sore body parts!) It sadly was a financial bust. But though it consumed me for 3 show days plus loading and unloading, I am truly glad I went. I spent lots of time 'cajoling' - sharing, learning, planning, laughing - with some of the most special people. In this case, it was other vendors, people I have known for years, but in our busy lives, we have never spent "good, gettin' to know you" time together. I am invigorated and looking forward to a great new decade!!

I need to let you all know my calendar for the year and add some links. I have some great shows and events coming up. My next post (soon!) will give a sneak peek! Right now I'm working on some great new products for the Seattle Gift Show in a couple weeks! OMG, I better get busy !!!

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