Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Greetings !
I know this is not a traditional way of sending Holiday Greetings, and I am sorry I didn't get Christmas Cards out this year...
But I wanted you all to know that we, the Sears, are truly blessed this year.

As most of you know, Randy was diagnosed in April with stage 4 throat (tonsil) cancer. His doctors said if he didn't have extensive treatments, he would not be with us this Christmas. Boy, did we have a grueling 8 months! Treatment devastated him (and me too!). To be honest, there were many times that we didn't know if the treatments were killing the cancer or him! The details, I just won't go into....
But the truly good news is that last Thursday was his final 'scan' - and Randy is right now cancer-free. Yippee !! The doc's say he had only a 20% chance of this happening, the old U.S. Marine Corps Drill Sergeant beat the odds!! He isn't on meds or anything now. He's returned to work, is regaining his strength and weight and is looking forward to a great umpiring season in 2010. He's anxious to again play robustly with grandson Tyler (3 years in April) and to get to know beautiful baby Katelyn (who was only a few months old when he was diagnosed).

Randy does need to be seen every 3 months and the docs say he is "a high risk for re-occurrence" patient - but for now, and as we look forward - we are a bunch of 'happy campers' !!!

So, may your Holiday Season be bright and we all look to a healthy, wonderful New Year.
Love to you all !!