Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OK, now, for real!!

I really blew it this time!! Just pretend it hasn't been MONTHS since I posted. I really will get this up and running..... But seriously, Randy, my husband of over 30 years, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer about the time I opened my blog...and honestly, I couldn't deal with it for months.
The good news is that after many, many chemos and 7 weeks of daily radiation, he is truly on the mend. Docs are optimistic, we're elated!! Final CT and Pet Scans are scheduled for, keep us in your prayers.
I have gotten back on the "show circuit", did a few great shows between his treatments. Just finished Sand Point last weekend, what a great bunch of vendors and customers!!! Am doing a Craft Show in Issaquah now and getting ready for the BIG SHOO, The Funky Junk Sisters in Puyallup in 2 weeks.
Several other great shows coming up, I PROMISE I'll update you on them all! Soon!!
And add pics, and get my listings up on Etsy, and, and, and......