Friday, February 12, 2010

Haiti by Hand

I know we are all busy, but please check these links out: (check her sidebar to link to etsy) (list of simple needs)

Quick History,
Rebecca Sowers is a highly thought of published Artist/Crafter from Tennessee. She actually was in Haiti just days before the earthquake working with women to create crafts to sell to help support low incomes.

Then she has established a second Etsy sight, called Haiti by Hand, where 100% of the $$ created goes to these ladies. (Other people are now donating finished goods to sell there). As of late, she has created a list of "craft items" that are most needed so the ladies of Haiti can create and sell. Her thing is "how horrible to see others feed your children because you can not."

I am sending her a fairly large box of 'goodies' next week, nothing fancy or expensive, just went through my craft stash - half skeins of yarn, some fat quarters, a couple packs of sewing needles, etc.. This is my first box to go to her, but it won't be the last. Let's not forget the people of Haiti, time may heal, but let's give them some tools to get back on their feet and feel proud of their accomplishments.

Please contact me if you would like me to send your 'stash' with mine, either this coming week or in a later shipment, or contact Rebecca directly. (See above links for her contact info.)